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This EVP is the reverse of the above EVP from the aircraft.  It says "Yes".
This is a short EVP captured on an aircraft that is said to be haunted.  When I captured it I was sitting in the seat where the ghost has been seen.  No one was anywhere near me, but the EVP sounds like it is coming from right next to me.  I'm not sure exactly what is being said.  I have a couple ideas.  I would like to know your opinion, click on CONTACTS to email me.
Haunted Aircrafts

Some of you may have heard stories of haunted airplanes. I've heard stories of an airplane that freqently stops at the airport that I work at.  This plane is said to be haunted by a person that had a heart attack and died on it several years ago.

In this aircraft, rumors say that flight attendants have trouble with their head counts being off by one.  When it is supposed to be empty, someone has been seen walking in the plane, when a maintenance man went to check it out - no one was there.  Other times when the aircraft should have been empty and the jet-bridge was being moved away from the plane a person was seen sitting in seat 9A.  Jet-bridge was pulled back to the plane and it was investigated with no one to be found on-board.  When the jet-bridge was pulled away again, again someone was seen sitting in seat 9A.

So one night when it was empty and doing an overnight stay I was allowed on board.  I walked on by myself, the lights were out and it was quiet.  The only light was that coming in from the lights on the tarmack.  I turned my tape recorder on and started asking questions.  Not too much later the workers for that airline came back to see how it was going.  The men showed up to tow the plane to the hanger and asked if anyone was sitting in 9A; since everyone knows the rumors.  They told them yes there was - I actually was sitting there -  and they preceded to make a lot of noise.  I was able to get a one word EVP during that investigation, unfortunatly too much noise was captured on the tape.  I'm waiting for the aircraft to show up again when I'm available but so far it has only been here on my days off or once when I was sick.  Soon though I hope to get on it again.