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Chris S., co-founder of SPPI's
Stevens Point Paranormal Investigators.
Central Wisconsin

I have always been interested in the paranormal. I grew up in a 'haunted' house. The strange thing was the house was brand new when my parents bought it, no one had lived in it before. Seeing shadow people, always feeling that you are being watched, and hearing odd noises were common occurrences. One night when I was in high school, my mother, best friend and I were in the kitchen when we heard what sounded like someone walking on the roof. We ran outside and checked it out, since it was the middle of winter, we would have been able to see foot prints on the roof and evidence of someone getting up there or jumping down. There was nothing. Curious about the house and land I read the abstract of the house and found that in the 1800's there had been 2 violent deaths of brothers who were previous owners on the land and at another time someone had been found hanging from a tree. We have never felt anything evil or malicious so we never did anything about it.

About 17 years ago my cousin was having trouble with mirrors falling onto the floor and breaking, statues that were glued to shelves would fall to the floor and shatter, strange knocking's on walls when there was no one there and voices that could be heard by others who would be talking to them on the phone. This was when we started investigating. Since then my sister Lisa and I have started up Stevens Point Paranormal Investigators, an all female investigation team. At times we do have our husbands investigate with us, but that is very rare and depends on the situation.

In Feb of 2004 Lisa and I went to the Queen Mary in Long Beach California, while dropping her mother-in-law off to visit her brother. The ship is awesome, beautiful, and haunted! When we are not there it calls to us, we feel that we need to go back. We have been back about 11 times since our first visit taking various members of our team with us, always doing investigating all night long, sleeping a few hours and either exploring the LA area or investigating the ship during the day. We have gotten many EVP's from all over the ship of men women and children. Almost all of our EVP's have been interactive and using Adobe Audition we have verified that the hertz levels are below human hearing. We have had many other experiences on the Queen Mary from full body apparitions to being touched or grabbed and having someone that wasn't there sit down very heavily on the bed.

As a group we have done many investigations in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  We did an investigation in Louisville, KY at Waverly Hills Sanitarium in April, 2007 and another trip to investigate the Queen Mary in May, 2007.  We have several more investigations planned for this year.