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Contest Winners

Some of our EVP's have won contests.  Here is the list.

August 2005

The winning EVP was captured on The Queen Mary in the lobby in front of the First Class Swimming Pool.  This was the first time we had taken a tape recorder with us.  Our first try at getting EVP's.  We taped in this area for approx. 27 minutes.  We caught several unexplained voices on the tape.  This EVP has 2 different voices one of a little girl and a woman.  The first voice heard is one of our investigators trying to get the little girl to come out and play with us.

Investigator:  ...somebody come out to play.
Little Girl:      Jackie come out to play.
Woman:        Jackie come out.
Little Girl:     Jackie wants her sister please.

We're not certain if this is Jackie, the little girl that is said to be haunting the ship or another child talking for Jackie.  There is said to be more than one child haunting the ship.  To hear this EVP click here.

Prize:   Autographed copy of The Ghost Hunters Bible  A comprehensive guide written by Trent Brandon and a copy of Ghost Hunters Software donated by Robert Benjiman.

March 2006

This winning EVP was captured in the area of the First Class Swimming Pool also, except that we were standing next to the pool.  We had been talking to the spirits asking to see them.  This one also has 2 different voices.  And when played backwards says something that coincides with what is said forwards.

1st Voice:    Pretty soon
2nd Voice:  Did you see us? 

Reverse:  I see you.

To hear this EVP click here.

Prize:  A set of Motorola 2-way radios.
Contest Winners