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Electronic Voice Phenomena is disembodied voices caught on tape.  They can be found on cassette tapes, digital recorders, video tape, cell phones, answering machines or anywhere else where sounds can be recorded.  A lot of research has been done, but not a lot is known about how it exactly works.

Reverse EVP's
A curious phenomena is reverse EVP's.  Some EVP's when played backwards say something entirely different from what it says forwards.  Even the syllable count can be different.  No one knows why this happens, there are several theories.

EVP Classes
Class A -- these are the best sounding EVP's.  Very audible and clear, no clean up needed with this and anyone listening will understand exactly what is being said.        Class B  -- these are audible but does need some cleaning up to hear it better.
Class C -- these EVP's are barely audible, a whisper or sigh.  Different people may hear different things.

Orbs are very controversial.  On some web sites you might see pictures taken outside or in very old buildings with thousands of 'orbs'.  In my opinion this could be dust or pollen or moisture in the air.  True orbs, if there are such things, are very rare.  On my picture pages I will post pictures of possible orbs and pictures of what looks like orbs, but most likely aren't.  I will never say that any picture is an actual orb, because there is no way to prove it.

Shadowpeople, shadowperson, shadowbeings
A lot of people may have seen shadowpeople without even realizing that they have.  Most are seen as something moving at the edge of your vision, when you turn it's gone. Sometimes they may be seen full on.  Some people have reported seeing glowing eyes of varying colors.  The one that I saw full on will stay with me always. He was dressed all in black.  A long black coat that was very wrinkled and a black hat.  I saw no face or eyes.  I saw him, turned away and back immediately and he was gone.  There was no where he could have gone without my seeing.  My cousin was with me at the time, we turned to each other and said almost in unison, "Did you see that?"  She described exactly what I had seen. 

Types of Hauntings

Interactive- This type of haunitng is where they interact with you.  I get interactive EVP's all the time.  They can be heard talking on the tape saying things that have to do with what we are talking about or doing.

Residual- A residual haunting is like watching a movie.  It is the same over and over.  It may repeat every night, or it may play only on the anniversary of the action. Especially, it seems, if was something violent.