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These pages are my favorite.  Here you will find the evidence that we have gathered on our different investigations.  Each area has different sections under it just click on one of the buttons to the left and check out our EVP's, Pictures, and Stories of our strange experiences.

All of our evidence has been captured by us using our own equipment.  And has been examined by us repeatedly to ensure authenticity.  We are serious about our work and would never try to pass off anything that is not real.  That is why we double, triple, and quadruple check everything.

Some evidence such as Orbs are very questionable.  We show pictures of what looks to be orbs, but with no guarantees that they actually are orbs.  There is more info about Orbs on our definitions page.

I hope you enjoy these pages!  If you have any questions or comments feel free to click on Contacts and email us.
This is a picture of a plaque posted in the Isolation Ward area of the
Crew Members Who Died On Board the Queen Mary.
It is not a complete list.