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On these pages you will find evidence from our ongoing investigations aboard the Queen Mary.  The Queen Mary is an Ocean Liner that was built in the 1930's by the Cunard Line.  She traveled the ocean between England and New York from 1936 to 1967.  Making 1001 trans-atlantic crossings transporting over two million passengers including 800,000 troops during WWII.  In 1967 she was retired and was bought and moved to California.  She is now docked at Pier J, in Long Beach, CA. 

During World War II she was painted grey, and hauled troups around the world.  She was called The Grey Ghost.  During these years of hauling troups, there were a few casulaties onboard.  During one trip off the coast of Ireland, the Queen Mary accidently hit her escort cruiser the HMS Curacoa.  Slicing the Curacoa in half and killing 338 sailors out of the crew of 439 onboard.  Due to military orders she was not allowed to stop and kept on course.  When she arrived at her destination the damage caused by the accident was temporarily fixed with 70 tons of cement.  It is said that a sailor from the Curacoa was found frozen in the damaged area having been thrown there during the crash.  The accident was said
Queen Mary Ocean Liner turned Hotel
to be one of the best kept secrets of the war.

POW's, injured soldiers and war brides were also transported on the Grey Ghost.  Some POW's  and injured soldiers died onboard the ship from injuries received while fighting in the war.  Adolf Hitler offered $250,000.00 and instant hero status to any U-boat commander who could sink the Queen Mary.  Fortunate for us, he failed.

On July 31st, 1947, The Queen Mary resumed post-war service of hauling passengers again across the Atlantic Ocean.  She continued doing this for twenty more years.

In June of 1993, Grand Opening ceremonies announced the new name given to the 55 acres adjoining the Queen Mary Hotel.  "The Queen Mary Seaport" includes The Queen Mary and all her onboard attractions, The Dome at the the Queen Mary - the former home of Howard Hughes Spruce Goose; The Queen's Marketplace - an English-style village with refreshments and gifts to compliment the California sunshine, and the surrounding property.