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Tricia S.
Team Member Stevens Point Paranormal Investigators
Southern California

Do I believe in Ghosts?  The answer to that question is a resounding yes!
In fact, I can not remember when I did not believe in them.   I do not have to see them, hear them or feel them to believe in them, although I have experienced them in such ways.  I've  just always accepted the idea that sometimes people just can't get to heaven, nor do they deserve hell, so they stay here for eternity.  Some can be released, some can't and others choose not to be, and so they continue on as if nothing has changed.  I grew up in an Italian Catholic home.    My uncle, who is a Catholic priest and exorcist (believe it or not!) has cautioned me against Ouija boards and using psychics to contact spirits, but says its quite okay to go in search of those who haunt this earth.  So with glow sticks and holy water in hand, I go wandering in the middle of the night.

I have never hidden the fact that I believe and seek out ghostly phenomenon.  My kids have grown up on 'real' ghost stories, and  have  accompanied me to several haunted locations along with my husband of 29 years.  Do they believe 'hmm' well let's just say they are keeping an opened mind.  We all know the old adage  "seeing is believing" and they ain't seen nothing yet!

The funny thing is, the two full bodied apparitions I have seen, my husband has been present.  Does he make these things happen or is it just a coincidence, I don't know, but without him I can honestly say I would not have seen these ghostly beings.  It was his dead grandfather I saw one night as I awoke in his former bedroom freezing cold in the middle of a California summer.  And, it was the hubby that the dead captain followed from the propeller room on the RMS Queen Mary.  The other two paranormal events I witnessed I was by myself.  While at the Whaley House in San Diego, California, a small spiral of smoke materialized no more than 8 inches from my face as I was talking to Anna Whaley, the mistress of the house in the late 1800's.   And I was alone, lagging behind the group while investigating Waverly Sanatorium, in Louisville, Kentucky, that someone whispered in my ear, "go get it" after I accidentally kicked a small ball on the ground.  The closest person to me was my sister and she was at least 20 feet in front of me.  Do I have any of this on video, well no, I find myself drawn into the situation as it is happening and to be quite truthful, I really didn't know that  at the time I was experiencing a paranormal event.  It wasn't until I had time to think of what I had experienced did I come to the conclusion that I was in contact with dead people.

So yes, I believe in ghosts.