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Residential Investigations
Tomahawk, WI

We were notified of a house that had some strange activity going on an hours drive north of Stevens Point.  The familys young daughter, had been seeing dark figures in her younger brothers room.  She had asked her mother if they were gonna keep watching her brother as he slept.  She described them as a man and 2 young boys, completely black with no faces.  The boys were wearing hats similar to baseball caps worn backwards.  She would see them occasionally in her brothers room or the hallway.

Earlier this year, the son started seeing something in his room that scared him.  He would run from his room into his mothers arms.  He called this thing "Jack Jack".  He wasn't sleeping through the night in his bed, so this thing was possibly the culprit.  He saw him in his room and the hall outside his room.

During the investigation, we found nothing with our EMF detector.  We set up our night shot video camera, used a tape recorder to see if we could find anything.  The children were present so I didn't want to let them know what we were doing.  While they were in one room I went into the little boys bedroom and shut the door.  I stood in the middle of the room, with my tape recorder going asking questions.  I had a terrible feeling come over me, an overwhelming feeling of fear.  I thought about this child feeling this and knew that something had to be done.  After finishing my recordings, I took Holy Water and went through every room of the house, commanding any spirits that might be there to leave and not return in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  This isn't the first time I had done this.

The next day I received a call from the mother of the children, she told me that her son had come up to her and was very happy.  He told her that he wasn't scared anymore and that "Jack Jack" was gone and wasn't coming back.  I asked her if he said how he knew that and she replied 'no'.  In the next few days he did mention this a couple more times, saying that "Jack Jack" went Home, and that he was with his mommy now.

There has been no more talk of "Jack Jack" and he has not been frightened of anything in his bedroom.

I Think You're Scared
I captured this EVP in the hallway at the edge of the kitchen.  It says "I think you're scared."  Notice the child like speach used with the word scared.  (The EVP has been amplified a little to make it easier to hear.)
Let's Get Going
This EVP was captured in the doorway to the little boys bedroom.  We also heard it on the video tape that was set up in that area.  It is kinda freaky when you think about what is being said.  I had turned off the tape recorder for a little while.  You can hear it being turned back on, and then the EVP.   (1st voice was slightly amplified to make it easier to hear.)

1st voice: Recorder back on.
2nd voice: Let's get going.
For best listening quality all EVP's should be listened to using headphones.