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Door to the First Class Swimming in Lobby on R deck.
(Door not in service at this time.)

Above the door to the pool.
First Class Swimming Pool Lobby area.

The Pool, view from just inside the Lobby door.
Many evps have been captured in this area, people have had the sensation of
someone playing with their hair, and numerous other things have happened here.
Picture taken looking down into the bottom of the Forward Cargo Hold.
Forward Cargo Hold area.
5:00 am in hallway outside Room B340, notice orb on Debbies hair.
She can be heard saying that she was touched on the head,
an EVP of a man laughing is heard at that time.
Boiler Room in bottom of ship where a black shadow figure was seen,
an invisible cat brushed against a leg and evps have been caught.
Another picture of the Boiler Room.