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Debbie Mercier

Little about me I am 42 old Native American.  Growing up in the military has given me the opportunity to live in different countries.  Going to different places and seeing different things allowed me to grow personally and spirituality.  I do remember the first time I saw something that was out of place.  It was in the summer of 1974, we where stationed in Shape Belguim. The place for the company cookout was near where my dad worked.  There were some buildings that where bombed during the war that where not cleaned up or were just abandoned.  Funny I even remember the song playing on the radio (Band On the Run).  Talk about lasting impressions.  Yes, this was the first time I saw a man I would suspect to be from WWII.  As kids games go we where playing hide-n-seek.  I was hiding, waiting for someone to find me.  As I stood there very quiet, not wanting to be found.  I saw this man walk right in front of me he might have been about 5 to 10 feet away, but still there he was and then he disappeared.  I know I did not speak of this to anyone.  But it is something that has stayed with me just like it had happened yesterday.   But I have always felt things that others can't see.  I have smelled things that others can't smell.  I had put this passion of the paranormal on the back burner for a while.  It was not until the 1990's that I started to get back into it.  I first contacted a group in Maine.  I was asked if i would like to come along on an investigation, so of course I did.  Since that group I moved to southern Indiana.  At this time I am involved with two wonderful paranormal teams; Haunted Voices Investigations and Stevens Point Paranormal Investigators.

Besides the paranormal. I have a love of gardening, taking pictures and traveling to haunted locations learning the history of these places.