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This is the reverse of the above EVP.  You can hear it is the same person, by the voice and accent, but notice that this EVP is in another language.  We are working at translating this EVP at this time.  We do have an idea of what it says, but won't post til we are more sure of that.

Comment on this one thinks "He no see her."


I'm still not sure about this EVP.  It was captured onboard the Queen Mary, during out Mary 2006 investigation.  It was captured in the _____ area. We had just been discussing all the old stuff on the ship.  If you listen closely you will notice that the woman has an accent.

Getting comments in on this one and some think it says "Please don't leave."

For best listening quality all EVP's should be listened to using headphones.
Where's the Ghost?
This EVP was captured in a boiler room of the Queen Mary.  I was just explaining to people we were with, about what happened when we were there on a tour during our last stay.  Pipes were being banged on that didn't exist anymore.  You can hear me say, "And they say that those pipes are long gone."   And the EVP reply is "Where's the ghost?"   Is it a spirit with a sense of humor?
Reverse - Where's the Ghost?
This EVP is the reverse of the above EVP.   It says "Watch it."  Not sure what we are supposed to be watdhing.  We didn't see anything odd, and we weren't anyplace dangerous.  We did hear a lot of  banging on pipes, but could not see anyone or anything