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Did You See Us
This one was captured in the First Class Swimming Pool area not long after we captured the above EVP.  We were talking about seeing ghosts that night  and a little later you hear this EVP.  There are 2 voices on this one:

1st Voice: Pretty soon.
2nd Voice: Did you see us.

This one also won the March Contest at the Haunted Voices website.
Reverse - Did You See Us
This EVP is the reverse of the one above.  It says, "I see you".  I guess they wanted to let us know that even if we don't see them, they see us.
Talk To Us...
This EVP was taken outside the First Class Swimming Pool.  Just before going into the pool area and capturing the following EVP.  Obviously it is female and there must be more than one of them there.

Investigator 1: Here's the tick. TICK TICK
Voice: Talk to us.
Investigator 2: Oh it's the swimmming pool.
For best listening quality all EVP's should be listened to using headphones.
Shut UP
This EVP was captured in a very haunted area on the Queen Mary.  We were speaking with a security guard and you can hear his radio going off a lot on the tape.  In the middle of the radio going off, you can hear a breath that was let out.  You hear a little more from the radio, then you hear the EVP, "Shut up."  I guess someone was getting annoyed with it.
I was having trouble with the batteries in my camera.  They died and I replaced them, took a couple pictures and the new ones also died.  This can be a common occurence when spirits are in the area.  You can hear me talking about it, then the EVP is heard, one word that explains it all.  "Drained."
That's Okay
This EVP was recorded the same night in the same area of the ship as the two others on this page.  Obviously the male entitiy in the area did not think that running out of tape was a problem.  There were no men with us, it was 1:30 am, and there are no hotel rooms in the immediate area.  When I first heard this voice it sent shivers up my spine since I knew there were no men around.
~Investigator:I think I'm running out of tape.
~Malel Voice:That's Okay.
~Investigator:I think I'm running out of tape.