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Water-tight Door #13 
(October 2005)

We were investigating in the engine room on the self guided tour, near Water-tight Door #13.  I'll give a little history on this area.  The water-tight doors were set to close the three foot distance in six seconds in case of an emergency.  On the morning of July 10, 1966 at approximatly 4:00 am the ship was traveling in fog and all water-tight doors in the Engine and Boiler Rooms were closed on Bridge control.  A few minutes later it was reported that a man had been trapped by water-tight door #13.  This man was found to be John an 18 year old Fireman/Cleaner onboard the ship.  It was thought that he might possibly have been playing a game of chicken with another crew member, for money.  He did not survive his injuries and since this incidence he has been sighted by many people in this area.  Since he worked on the ship in the 1960's, they have photo records of him and people have picked his picture out from several as being the 'person' they had seen.

When we were walking through this area on our tour for some reason the lights were not on.  We went through a couple times having made a wrong turn in the dark.  On our last time through my sister was leading the way using the light from her digital camera screen to guide us, since we did not have our flashlights with us.  (It was daytime and the lights are always on - we will now carry them at all times.)  We were in the area of water-tight door #13 when my sister turned back to me and said "Cut it out".  At that time
Third Class Nursery

During our October 2005 stay on the Queen Mary we were walking around late at night and when we arrived outside the door of the Third Class Nursery the smell of baby powder was very strong.  We had never experienced that smell in that area before.  It was very strange!

The next night when we arrived back in the same area the smell was not there. I did have my tape recorder going and you can hear us discussing that.  I asked into the tape recorder, "Think there's anybody here that wants to talk?"  There was a faint EVP answer of, "Talk to me."  It was very faint and not easy to hear, but with a little work I was able to clear up some of the extra noise.  This EVP can be heard on the "Queen Mary EVP's" page 2.

she also said that we should hurry out of that area.  We didn't stop again until we were in a well lit place.  Now I could see that my sister was visibly shaken, she asked me if I knew why she had told me to "cut it out" and of course I replied "No".  She then preceded to tell me that she had just been poked in the middle of her back and had figured it was one of us.  But when she turned around she saw that I was more than 7 feet behind her and that the other person that was with us, was behind me.  It was not just a weak poke either, whoever had done it wanted her to know they were there.  Was it John?  On our next trip we'll have to return to the area with our tape recorders and ask a few questions.  Maybe we'll get an answer!
Water-tight Door #13.  Scene of many sightings.
Door to the former Third Class Nursery.
Queen Mary Hotel Room
(February 2004)

My sister's mother-in-law is around 80 years old and wanted to visit her brother in California, but she did not want to travel alone.  My sister talked to me about going with her, she found something about the Queen Mary Luxery Liner having been turned into a hotel in Long Beach and that it was haunted.  Since we had been doing ghost hunting for about 12 years now we decided to go.  We had to make it a quick trip; just one night, so we made reservations to stay onboard the Queen Mary.  What a fascinating place!!!! Our stay there was fantastic.  We didn't sleep much that night because we were investigating.  The ship is beautiful and full of history.  When we finally went to bed that night we had the strangest sensation that the ship was moving as if it were out at sea.  Kind of a rolling motion, we both felt it.  But the ship doesn't move like that she is docked.  After a while it stopped.  My sister fell asleep before I did with the tv and lights on.  After I turned everything off and was just laying there awake, I had the strangest feeling of being watched.  I looked around but did not see anything.  Eventually I fell asleep, but it still felt like someone was watching me.
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Our first room onboard the Queen Mary.
(Note fog-like mist between beds)