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On these pages you will be able to listen to EVP's that we recorded on the Queen Mary on our various trips to Long Beach, California in the past couple years.  We've included a small explanation on each EVP. 

The only modifications we might have made to these files is to remove some of the hiss and possibly to have ampified it a little.  We have only made these enhancements so you can hear them better.  We try not to over process our EVP's.  Sometimes they are very faint and we may have to do more to them in order for them to be heard.  If we do that and it distorts it a little we will note that in the description.  With those we might also include the original so you can compare them.

The EVP's on this page were among the first ones that we caught on the Queen Mary. When I was packing for the trip as a last minute thought I threw a mini-cassette tape recorder and a couple tapes into my bag.  We had not done much work with EVP's other than an occaisonal one caught by accident, but, for some reason the thought popped into my head.  And after taping for approx. 27 min. outside the First Class Swimming Pool while we were taking pictures, ect, I forgot about the tape.  We were home for almost a week, when I was alone and remembered it. When I heard the first EVP I was shocked.  I called my sister and cousin who had been on the trip with me and we got together that night to listen to it, we found several more that night on that tape!

Later that night, my cousin and I saw a shadow person at an exit ramp when I was taking her home.  We turned to each other and said in unison, "Did you see that?"  We both saw the same thing, this had not been either of our first shadow-being, but it was the first I had seen with such detail.  He was completely black, with a wrinkled long coat, scraggly hair and a hat.  We both did a double take and he was gone.  There was no place he could have gone to, we made a u-turn and went back.  Nothing.  This area is on the outskirts of town, with no place anyone could hide. 


Jackie wants her Sister...
This EVP was captured in the lobby outside the First Class Swimming Pool.  The first voice is that of one of our investigators, after that you hear 2 different voices.  The first and third EVP's are of the same little girl the second EVP is an unknown entity.
~Investigator:Somebody come out to play.
~First Voice:Jackie come out to play.
~2nd Voice:Jackie come out.
~First Voice:Jackie wants her sister please
Jackie wants her Sister.. - Reverse
This is the Reverse of the above EVP.  There are class B reverses of two of the three EVP's.  For more info on Classes of EVP's and reverse EVP's check out our definitions page.
~First Voice:
~2nd Voice:
~First Voice:So you want to see me tonight.

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For best listening quality all EVP's should be listened to using headphones.