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Third Class Nursery
This EVP was captured in Oct. 2005.  It was taken outside the Third Class Nursery.  It is a little hard to hear because of the background noise.  The area was very quiet so we aren't sure where the background noise came from.  I'm heard saying "Think there's anybody here that wants to talk?" and you hear the faint answer, "Talk to me."  If you use headphones it is much easier to hear the EVP.  To read more about this EVP check out "Third Class Nursery" on the QM Strange Experiences page.
For best listening quality all EVP's should be listened to using headphones.
Jackie Coming Down...
This EVP was captured on the Queen Mary during our first attempt at getting EVP's there.  We were talking to Jackie, trying to get her to appear and communicate with us.  Little did we know there was a child interacting with us.  We found these EVP's after returning home.

Investigator: Jackie
Child: Jackie coming down.
          Going away?
Jackie Coming Down...Reverse
This is the reverse of the above EVP.  I know what I hear, but I want to know what others are hearing with this EVP.  If you think you know, click on Contacts above and email us with your guess.

Child: ?????
This EVP was captured at Watertight Door #13.  While we were there we could hear a lot of talking almost like a conversation was going on.  But this is all that I was able to find on the tape, so far.  It sounds like a kid saying "Daddy".

Not much, but it was not us.